Cycling with Motiview brings much needed relief from arthritic pain.

Cycling with Motiview brings much needed relief from arthritic pain.

Arthritis pains can plague sufferers, but with the help of Motiview, you can pedal your way to pain-free living.

Emotional cycling trip 

Magic moments happen all the time during Motiview sessions. So when a staff member found a resident crying while cycling, she was relieved to discover they were tears of joy.

The Arthritis Society of Canada finds the prevalence of Arthritis affects 1 in 2 seniors over 65. Arthritis can have a detrimental effect on someone’s ability to maintain independence and participate in day to day activities. Finding treatment that brings relief is often hard for individuals, so when something alleviates those pains, it can be an emotional moment.

Indoor shot of smiling senior man and female carer enjoying coffee in living room

Living with constant pain can severely lower life quality for many older people. Finding ways to decrease pain and improve movement can become life-changing. 

Even low intensity cycling gives high value

Stationary cycling provides many benefits for all individuals but particularly for seniors. These benefits include increased physical abilities, lowering fall risks, improved mental health and overall improvements in wellbeing. Research has found that stationary cycling is also effective for those living with arthritis. In fact, low-intensity cycling sessions were found to be just as effective as high intensity cycling for improving someone’s walking, decreasing their pain levels and increasing their aerobic fitness.

So when a retirement home in Edmonton installed Motiview virtual cycling software in their activities room, one resident began to pedal not knowing what to expect. Aware that some physical activities aggravated her arthritic knee, she was less than optimistic about her ability to pedal with the group.

But Motiview’s videos containing familiar locations and accompanying music immerse cyclists into an engaging ride as they reminisce together and share experiences with those around them. Cyclists often get ‘lost’ in the excitement of what they are seeing and before they know it, their cycling session is done and they accomplished way more than they thought was possible.

Which is why, after just a few Motiview sessions, our arthritic cyclist began crying:
“I can’t believe how much pain I was in before this!” she told staff and attributed this relief to the cyclical pedaling motion. The rides were enough to release a lot of pain in her arthritic knee and bring much needed relief.

After a few weeks, the staff at the Edmonton home noticed an increase in stamina for all of their cyclists. In fact, often, after a Motiview video ends, cyclists are heard asking “Can I do another?”

Pedal on everyone, pedal on!

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