Revisiting cherished memories from 80 years ago

In 1939, Harold (95) was on a school trip to Holyhead, Wales. BBC’s The One Show, took him back there with Motiview. 

A few weeks back, former politician and now broadcaster for BBC, Ed Balls, visited Belong Crewe, a community village right in the heart of Crewe, UK to see how Motiview affects older people and people living with dementia. 

At Belong, he met two eager cyclists, relatives and a fitness instructor – all talking about the benefits of using Motiview.

Before he ended up in the nursing home, Richard traveled large parts of Europe. Now, he is reliving the many places from the bike seat through our video library.
Ed Balls asked Lisa (family member) if Motiview had made a difference for her father- motivating him to continue his rehabilitation post-stroke.

Definitely. It is obviously the health benefits of getting his legs going after the stroke. Mentally the benefit of an escape for a brief time. It is very good.

Back after 80 years

Ed Balls also had the pleasure of meeting 95-year-old Harold, whom he takes on a virtual trip to Holyhead – a place where he was at in 1939, a place he has always wanted to visit again his entire life. 
The fitness instructor at Belong Crewe says that Harold managed 30 seconds of cycling on the first time he came – now he cycles 15 minutes every time!

“Seeing the impact these videos have on Richard and Harold is inspiring. It is clear that traveling around the globe on their bikes makes a world of difference to them” says Ed Balls after his visit.

The full video from BBC is only available in the UK.

If you have residents that want to travel again to their favorite childhood memories, give us a call. We would love to help your cyclists pedal on while they reminisce with their favorite memories! 

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