Partnering with British Cycling and Sport England

Motitech has entered a five year partnership with British Cycling and Sport England in connection with Road Worlds for Seniors.

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With the support from British Cycling and Sport England, funded by DCMS, more care facilities across the UK are able to access Motitech’s technology and take part in the annual global championship Road Worlds for Seniors – designed to motivate older people and people with dementia to get more active through cycling.

Stronger together

Motitech has entered into a five year partnership with British Cycling and Sport England – beginning in 2019, to further strengthen the benefits of the initiative around physical activity and the Road World for Seniors in the UK. The partnership will support Motitech in delivering opportunities that will enable the care facilities to engage in delivering physical activity opportunities for their residents, and thus for older people to remain active and healthy.

The benefits of physical activity for older people are considerable but often there are limited opportunities, especially for people living in care. We are pleased to have supported Motitech in bringing their innovative concept to the UK and are delighted to now be part of their long term partnership with British Cycling. The project will build a lasting legacy from the 2019 Road World Championships and accelerate access to opportunities for people living in care, across England, to have more opportunities to be physically active as part of their daily lives

- Charles Johnston, Sport England’s Director of Facilities

Lack of opportunities leads to health challenges

Unfortunately, seniors – especially living in long term care – are left out of many opportunities for activities, and even more so; Competitions. Motitech remedies some of that through the annual cycling championship, the Road Worlds for Seniors. This is a championship where all seniors using indoor exercise bikes cycling to Motiview videos can be a part of one of the largest sporting events in the world.

When providing motivation to exercise with the help of cycling videos; Physical activity, reminiscence and social connectedness increase. For people living with dementia these aspects are especially important and fruitful and significantly enhance the quality of life. More and more research suggests that physical activity may slow down the progress of dementia symptoms, and the general benefits from being active is quite well-known across the board. And in addition to the direct physical and mental benefits from this, sparking memories from familiar places triggers conversations that build new connections and strengthen existing social bonds. People become friends over Motiview.

Enabling more seniors to become active through cycling

“They’ve had it two weeks now and you can really see an improvement in how far they go on it. Some of them are disappointed at only getting to use it for 15 minutes. Peter was saying how he is looking forward to going to Jerusalem and Greece.” These words come from Felicia Imafidon, manager at Norton House, a care home in in the hearth of London. Norton House are on of many care facilities that have been given the opportunity through the support from British Cycling and Sport England to get active and increase the health of their residents using the Motiview concept.

Norton House are also for the first time participating in the Road Worlds for Seniors, the annual global championship for older people and people with dementia. The Championship aims to motivate seniors around the world get active and have fun at the same time using the Motiview vides to virtually travel while clocking their kilometers. The residents at Norton are competing against thousands of residents in care homes across the world.

A lot of people met up to support the local residents at their kick off event – participating for the first time in the annual Road Worlds for Seniors event.

The initiative, supported by Sport England and British Cycling, gives more seniors the ability to get healthier through cycling. And the local council are proud to see such initiatives being offered to their seniors: “So it is a great honour that Norton House has been chosen to participate in this race – and we hope that the residents enjoy the experience as well as trying to win.” Says Councillor Heather Acton, the council’s cabinet member for public health. “As a local authority we have pledged to do our best for people living with dementia and are working on a strategy for the City.

We are proud to be a key partner of Motitech’s cycling activity programme and the Road Worlds for Seniors. It is vital that everyone has opportunities to remain physically active throughout their life, and the Motiview concept brings people together, forming new communities that may have never existed. We want people to get physically active and feel motivated to take part and cannot wait to see where, around the world, Motiview takes them.

Julie Harrington, CEO, British Cycling

Getting healthier with Motiview

Peter Lazarus (79) and Debbie Cordingley (65) are both living at Norton House. They have in the past few weeks been experiencing the benefits of using Motiview and participating in the annual event. And both of them are clear on their experience: “I read about these bikes in the British Medical Journal and how it helps the flow of circulation for people who don’t have much activity and who have dementia.”, Fred says. And Debbie agrees: “I’ve got a few friends who take me out sometimes, otherwise I only go as far as the courtyard. So I enjoyed getting the exercise.”

In addition, they both experience the additional benefits that the videos bring: “I really enjoyed it. It was very relaxing and I hadn’t been on anything like it,” Debbie says. And Fred, being a former French infantryman, enjoys cycling to videos from around the world: “This was my seventh time. Mostly I’ve been doing routes along the North African coast but the first one I did was in Israel.”

Supported through the Places to Ride programme

The five-year partnership support the initiative through their Places to Ride capital grants programme. Places to Ride has been made possible through a new £15m commitment from the UK Government, and will be delivered over the next three years through a unique partnership between British Cycling, Sport England and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS).

Sports Minister Mims Davies, highlighting the relevance of such funding to enable all people to become more active, states: “Sport has an incredible power to boost people’s mental well-being, as well as their physical health. I am delighted that our investment in this innovative project will help older people, and those with dementia, to get and enjoy being active.”

We are incredibly excited to be able to announce the partnership with British Cycling and Sport England ahead of Road Worlds for Seniors this year”, says Jan Inge Ebbesvik, President of Road Worlds for Seniors at Motitech. “The support means that we can get even more people and care homes involved in Road Worlds for Seniors across the world, and create that feeling of friendly competition and community. We want to encourage older people to compete, have fun and get active at the same time.

Jan Inge Ebbesvik, President Road Worlds for Seniors