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Motiview helps seniors to be at their natural best.

“My mother was pretty much bed-ridden. To see her now, exercising on a daily basis like this is extraordinary”.

Many of the age-related disorders are created by inactivity more than age itself. Motiview brings the outside in to enable people in care communities – many of whom are 75+ with mild to severe dementia – to take indoor cycling journeys through familiar surroundings (e.g. their home town where they grew up or got married/raised their family).

By using a combination of visual technology and any type of stationary pedals that would be appropriate for the cyclist, Motiview helps all ageing people reach their physical potential, by providing an innovative and stimulating outlet that motivates them to exercise. The technology has also proven to be successful in improving the well-being of individuals living with dementia through the physical and mental benefits it provides.

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Increased Quality of Life

The key to achieve sustainable change is motivation, independent of age and functional levels.

“I was in a wheelchair at one point, then I graduated to a walker. The next thing will be the marathon.” These words are coming from Jean, an 88 year old woman living in a care home in the South of England. Previously, the low levels of physical activity were severely limiting her life. But then, doing frequent cycling sessions motivated by videos of roads from near and far, her life has changed. Her daughter is amazed at her improvements:

“My mother was pretty much bed-ridden. To see her now, exercising on a daily basis like this is extraordinary”.

Studies of Motiview show that immersive interventions that combine physical, cognitive and social activity can achieve significant improvements to health outcomes. For example, reducing pain, increasing independence and improving mental wellbeing for residents in care homes.

From the get-go of the first Motiview project in Bergen, Norway in 2012, we saw benefits like increased appetite, better mobility, reminiscence, improved perceived self-efficacy, general contentment and mental wellbeing, better sleep; reduced number of falls, weight-loss, fewer pains, less need for medication, lower anxiety/distress, and eliminated aggressive behaviour. Additionally , the use of Motiview is inspiring for staff, because of the benefits for the residents. These benefits were as prevalent for people living with dementia as for those without the diagnosis.

In addition, Motiview has contributed significantly to the enjoyment and social aspects as it becomes the community hub with residents sharing stories with each other about the area and music as they cycle through it. This appears to be providing some of the “social glue” that ensures the residents continue physical activity week-after-week and that it’s not just due to an initial “novelty”.

The feedback from those using Motiview is strong. Both cyclists and staff experience the benefits of what the Motiview concept brings and state things like:

“You’ve done what the doctor couldn’t”

“It is just so wonderful”

“I can go next!”

“We cannot praise this program enough”

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Mission to help seniors

Motitech aims to significantly impact people around the world, empowering them to age well by increasing quality of life through enabling physical activity, mental stimulation and social connectedness.

We see the benefits from cycling in care homes, motivated by inspiring videos of roads and streets from familiar places or unexplored places around the world. By increasing physical activity, reminiscence, social connectedness, we enrich the lives of seniors including those living with dementia.

We believe in battling inactivity by focusing on abilities instead of disabilities.

Care home partners

Together with our care home partners we aspire to find the key to unlock the secret of motivation. This inspires to build a culture for healthy ageing with a strong focus on habilitation rather than solely treatment and rehabilitation. Together, we can focus more on abilities instead of disabilities – there is so much untapped potential within our seniors including those living with dementia.

We deliver inspirational sessions and training to support the staff to ensure and maximize success. We are adamant to share our learnings as well as the knowledge across user sites to support and foster best practices.

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