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There is currently no connection between the bike and the video on the screen, which makes it possible to use Motiview with any kind of exercise equipment. The video moves forward in a steady pace with high quality footage. 

The tempo of the videos will not change based on the pedalling, and this is deliberate. First of all, we want Motiview to be usable with any kind of exercise equipment, so we are not locking it to any one brand of hardware. Secondly, it may be challenging for some cyclists (especially for those living with dementia) to understand the connection. Thirdly, if more than one person is cycling simultaneously, it would be hard to decide which cyclist decides the tempo.

However, we see that the “connection” between the video and the brain works well. When a video goes uphill, many cyclists pedal harder; when cyclists encounter red traffic lights, they try to stop.

Motiview is built as a subscription model with access to the video library. Please reach out to us,  Please reach out to us, and we’d be happy to have a chat to provide you an individualized quote tailored to your needs.

The Road Worlds for Seniors is Motitech’s annual championship. Each year, in the month of October, everyone with a Motiview licence can take part. The teams keep track of the distance they pedal for four weeks. At the end, we crown the champions for men and women, the best overall team, and the best support team (staff, volunteers). All participants who cycle get a medal regardless of their distance!

Road Worlds for Seniors is normally held in October every year. Information about how and when to sign up, will become available at our website

To be able to use the log-in area, you must have an active Motiview licence.

If you already have one and still can’t get in, you’ll need to get an account set up with your email address. Send us your email address and we’ll get you set up. After you contact us, you’ll receive information to log in by email.

Getting Started Guide

Ensuring a successful implementation and usage of Motiview is highly important to us so we want to make sure that every customer has the support they need.

Even though installing Motiview is simple, we have gathered everything you need to know on how to set up and use Motiview to make it easier for you.

Check out our Getting Started guide if you need help to get things set up and learn how to install Motiview. Here, you will also find information about technical requirements and recommendations, a troubleshooting guide and much more.

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