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This is Motiview

By watching videos of streets and roads around the world while cycling on a suitable indoor exercise bike, the cyclists get motivation to increase activity levels. The system is highly simple to set up and use.

A subscription to Motiview gives access to the entire global video library, unlimited number of users, free support, guaranteed local video, participation in annual global championship the Road World for Seniors, and more. We pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our customers and we are getting good feedback on the way we work to ensure customer success.

The documented benefits from using Motiview are manifold; giving physical, mental and social well-being.

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Features and Benefits

The innovative use of high quality videos through easy-to-use technology provides an immersive yet social experience. The familiar locations evoke memories and create a fun environment with a social norm for incorporating physical activity into everyday life.

The key to achieving sustainable behaviour change is motivation, independent of age and functional levels. At Motitech, we see the benefits from cycling when the user is motivated by inspiring videos of roads and streets from familiar places or unexplored places around the world. This combination of physical activity with reminiscence and with sharing those stories and past memories with fellow seniors, staff, and family has been shown to give a deep and meaningful impact far beyond the physical benefits alone.

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Going Local or Travelling The World

The Motiview video library consists of thousands of videos from all over the world – and it’s growing by several hundred videos every year. The users are able to revisit their childhood home or travel somewhere they have never been. High quality ambient sound is included in each video, or enjoy fun music from several playlists.

For every new customer, we ensure that there is local video present in the video library. If not, we travel there and create one in cooperation with the site. This is because we know how important it is for the users to exercise while watching videos from familiar places where they have memories. For the same reason, we are always including access to the entire video library, because we can never know where the users’ memories originate. This allows the user to pedal through their chosen destination while listening to their favourite songs.

From Ottawa to Jaipur by bicycle

How Motiview helped a newcomer to Canada revisit his memories and bring a sense of familiarity and comfort to all those living with dementia.

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