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Creating an immersive experience

Motiview gives the user an immersive experience; high quality video and sound engages the user in an inspiring adventure as they pedal along.

With access to the entire global library, the users can choose to travel local or explore the world. Tapping into their motivation enables the users to achieve sustainable change and get the benefits that come from increasing activity, reminiscence and social engagement.

Documented benefits from using Motiview include improved well-being, improved mobility, better sleep, faster rehabilitation after injury and much more. Motiview has also been proven to improve depression and reduce anxiety.”

Shot of a group of elderly friends having coffee together

Global Video Library

The global Motiview video library consists of famous places around the world as well as local videos creating a highly personal experience for the user. Due to this range, the users can cycle along the Marina Bay in Singapore, see the Eiffel Tower or cycle along the road they used to walk as a child. Regardless of choosing to cycle locally or exploring the world, the users are able to reminisce about life experiences, share stories, and feel invigorated and strong.

A small sample of our video library

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Ontario, Canada

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New York, US

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Campania, Italy

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Paris, France

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Northeast region, Iceland

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Jaipur, India

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London, UK

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Murcia, Spain

Local videos

For every new customer, we make sure that there is local video available. Because we deem it important that the users can exercise while watching videos from familiar places where they have memories. For the same reason, we are always including access to the entire video library, because we can never know where the users’ memories originate.

As we build the video library, we keep on learning from the users. For instance, in the beginning, the videos were going a bit too fast. We got some feedback that some of the users got dizzy and unwell from the videos, and so we adjusted accordingly.

The story about Inger from Norway

Another time, we came across some video footage that seemed uninteresting to us. It consisted of only a forest and the road for a considerable amount of time. We figured we needed to edit some of this out, and focus on more interesting areas, like houses and landmarks instead. Luckily, we had Inge take a look at it. Right in the middle of the section we found uninteresting, she began to tell a story:

“I remember I walked there with my children many, many years ago. As we trod along, we suddenly encountered a viper snake in the middle of the road. Being startled, I told my children to stay back, as I went and killed the snake with a stick. Shortly after, a truck came along and the driver saw me standing there with small children, and the snake nearby. He quickly stopped and came out of his truck. He bravely told us to stay back as he would kill the snake. Then he went and killed the snake. That was already dead.”

Remembering the story made Inger happy and we learned that this particular part of the video route – that we thought was uninteresting – was valuable to Inger. Needless to say, we did not edit it out, and we learned that what is important is the users’ memories and experiences.

This is why, when we get a phone call from a health care worker saying that this video is uninteresting, or it needs to change in this or that way, we always ask: Is this your opinion or is it the opinion of the users? Because we truly want to keep the users in focus and adapt to them and their needs.

Shot of a senior woman patient sitting in a wheelchair at rehab with a supportive caregiver

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